Hypnosis Techniques For Weight Loss

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Weight loss hypnosis is a very real method to help people realize a thinner self but it’s not a magic potion. There is a way to use hypnotic commands in order to lose weight but in the opinion of this author it works for a certain reason but not what you think.

As you read on you will discover how to use hypnosis as a way to control eating urges, overeating and other fat gaining approaches to eating that has become and healthy.

First let me tell you a story. Alice is (and the name has been changed to protect privacy) 400 pounds and has tried everything to lose weight. And the more she tries to lose weight the more she eats. And the more she eats the larger she gets. And then there is also the risk of what if she does lose weight on another diet or fad that’s trending and experience the same phenomenon that those participants of The Biggest Loser did.

Scientists found that on the show The Biggest Loser many of them years later ended up getting heavier than they were before. So now it is a real fear that losing weight doesn’t just make you skinnier but can actually in the long run make you fatter.

So back to hypnosis and how Alice uses hypnosis now on not just a daily basis but really minute-to-minute it’s a part of her thinking it’s a part of what brings mindfulness to her eating. So it’s all starts with being able to learn to be in the moment be with your thoughts. Many people may not consider this hypnosis but it is a foundation upon which hypnosis comes into play.

So now as we become aware of the recognition of the urge to eat and continue eating beyond what is healthy the next step in the process is simply allowing those urges to occur but restraining or refraining oneself from acting on them. And this is of course at the heart of what mindfulness is which lays out the right foundation for hypnosis to be effective long-term.

Now as Alice has learned to identify the emotions and other irrational characteristics driving her eating patterns The Next Step is really investigating those understanding wow associations play into that did something happen to her and then she ran off to eat or is there a certain time that she is used to eating. Investigating why gives a deeper understanding and also creates positive chemical reinforcement in the form of being curious.

So as you can see this is a routine that runs perpetually. Now hypnosis is interwoven into this Foundation of mindfulness to Auto suggest goals that have been previously made for example will feel great and be there right weight everyday all the time. So as it may appear to be a mantra it is also a form of hypnosis. And hypnosis if we think about it and consider what it is all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The key is consistency and have it building replacing the old habits with new ones. Replacing the old Vision an image of oneself with a new vision and image and this is where hypnosis evolves from being text command to using no words at all. The most powerful form of mental control is an modeling and what we see.

So now Alice imagines herself in a mental image constantly throughout the day exactly the way she wants to look and feel. This hypnotic visualization is a game-changer for her because it doesn’t address the future as she wants to be what creates it in her mind for the moment. So not only does she read the reward of feeling better about herself now but is cultivating the conditions at this very moment to achieve her goal.

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Disclaimer this post has not to serve as therapy diagnosis medical treatment or anything beyond self-help inspiration. It is to be considered opinion only.